– To be a pioneer in the field of designing and implementing works and the first partners’ choice. – Partners seek and target modernization combined with attractive touches and creative sense. – To flow horizontal expansion strategy to enhance business to include all over GCCs and the rest of Arab Countries. -To do business in align with Innovation and to be creative in detailed general site (site plan) planning and landscaping work, architectural design for building, resorts and parks particularly in KSA and GCC coontries. – To participate in the national development with the government to maintain a sustainable development – To create employment opportunities for citizens through initiatives targeting training, and hiring skills and capacity building. – To better life for community through showing beautiful touches of building and urban planning toward enabling KSA cities to be attractive cities and different from other world cities This will contribute to enhancing the status of cities in the ranking of the best cities typicalin the world, especially in sustainable development and the future of cities in competitiveness, and participate in achieving the vision 2030.