Our professional environmental consulting team based on their regional expertise is qualified to provide consulting, design,marketing and management of landscaping infrastructure in line with the trend towards the global trend of environmental balancing and its projects.
Therefore, Rabiah Garden offers the following services:
• Provides consulting and design services in the field of Construction landscapes based on scientific knowledge and practical experience to help clients improve their private environment.
• Planning, design, management, maintenance and monitoring functional and aesthetic designs for the built environment in urban, suburban and rural areas, including private and public open spaces, parks and sites of heritage.
• Development policies and plans, implementation and monitoring of proposals to save the heritage and recreation places such as national parks and all kind of (resorts, entertainment, hospitals and heritage ).
• Development and promote environmental awareness and to do the
planning,design, repair, management and maintenance of cultural and
historical sites, landscapes and gardens.
• Design Vision . . . our vision of design based upon creating remarkable open
green areas and adding value to the community with a unique life style, to
give a feeling of comfort, simplicity and maintain the nature culture , while
sustaining traditions and values of the wealthy Arab and Islamic identity .
• Professional Team . . . a group of inspired and creative designers and engineers who are high skilles and specialized in providing graphic design services of landscaping and its supplement, project supervision and follow-up.