General Manager
Nasser Al Mutiebb

It is our great honor and pleasure to present to you our services in the field of general site planning and implementation work, as well as all types of landscaping works related to resorts, parks, and gardens, whether they are residential, tourism, hospitals, heritage, cultural institutions, etc. In addition to whats mentioned above, we have great interest in governmental and private sectors projects. We would like to thank you for giving us this valuable opportunity to present ourselves, it is our honor to present this brief induction about our pre-qualification. Rabiah Garden has started its activities in Riyadh in 2007 AD as contracting company for the general site and landscape contracts, and supply gardens with all required plants and assorted work requirements. During the last 2 years Rabiah Garden was honored to serve wide varieties of glance and partners and executed remarkable projects. Since then, Rabiah Garden is considered to be as one of the most pioneering and important contractors in the field of general site contracts. Since we started, we were determined and to apply high quality standards We would like to clearly emphasize on the qualifications and business style of Rabiah Garden is considered one of prestigus amenity horticulture and environmental partner. Thus, on the following pages we highlight our most valued projects and experiences.