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Excution Division is an important division in Rabiah Garden,  working in the following activities:

Irrigation System Installation

Rabiah Garden provides water, the necessary elements for the growth of flourishing green lawns, ornamental plants and the surroundings, the artery of life so as to keep them grown and propagated . At this stage, the role of irrigation engineering concentrates most attention on ecological matters and gives priority to the consumption of the least amount of water while ensuring proper growth of the green patches, trees and plants. Our engineers take advantage and utilize the latest automated irrigation techniques. In parallel, the same attention to the irrigation systems design and construction, Rabiah Garden experts, in collaboration with the Consulting firms, are keen on the use of appropriate approved materials of high quality of famous global brand irrigation automatic systems and its spare parts such as Rain Bird , Toro , Hunter and other international agency.

Gardening & Landscape

As we believe in the importance of careful selection of plants and choosing it according to the location nature, climate and the availability and quality of irrigation water, all necessary tests have to be done based on those factors therefore, plants and ground cover will be selected and distributed aesthetically according to the approved design .

Hardscape works

Rabiah Garden specialized execution team takes into consideration the right choice of materials and elements for the hardscape projects as well as in the softscape too. The row materials must be in line with the surrounding climate conditions. Besides, the location and purpose of use should be considered not only during the execution but at the initial design stage so that the works satisfy all the aesthetic aspects. Designers care about the view of aesthetic and general coordination of shapes and colors, giving a consistent view of aesthetic mimics nature and free of odd and unusual views. In parallel, the technicians will perform work accurately and crafts manship and in accordance to the approved design which will give an integrated view matching the sense and offer value-added to the clients.

Lighting works

Rabiah Garden has a dedicated team specialized in Lighting design by choosing the appropriate materials and shapes for lighting the walkways, trees and all other site components, this will get the best effect and creative view to complete the landscaping design.

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